Saturday, December 31, 2011

Even Better Chocolate Chip Cookie...

I can't even believe it, but I have to update this post. Sine then, I have found The chewy to be cakey, and I don't like cakey cookies. For a chocolate chip cookie lover like myself, it's a constant search for THE best homemade cookie. And I've found it (for now). Not too crazy about Bobby Flay (I think his personality stinks), but OMG this cookie recipe is insane!! They're soft and chewy on the inside, and crisp on the edges...mouthwatering. Seriously though, it's all in the bake time too. It's like cooking bacon, you have to ake them out just a little raw, so they finish cooking on the pan. LOVE! check it out, try it out, love it, eat it!

Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY Mailer/Envelope...

Saw this really cute and useful way to send mail and creatively personalize your package. It comes from Whitney @ Whitney Sews. Mine is much smaller, and I didn't line mine with plastic. I actually just used it in place of an envelope. The item (my very first etsy sale! woo hoo!) was inside and I sewed around it, sealing the package. I loved it! Hope to use it more! Especially since plastic bags are banned here now...lots of paper for crafting!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vloggie Vlog...

First vlog posts...For Lisa :o)

Revamp Your Tomato Pincusion...

I have been thinking of making a pincushion, because my tomato just doesn't stay put! I need something with weight. I did think about just gluing some non slip grippy pads on the bottom of the tomato, but didn't think it would really hold up. Not sure if anyone else has the same problem of their pincushion just dancing around their work station when using it, but it drives me insane! So when I poked around for some ideas I found out that the tomato isn't just stuffing. It's wool filled, and the strawberry that hangs from it is actually emery (like your nail file). Apparently the wool keeps your needles from rusting, and poking your pins and needles through the strawberry (say before and after each use) keeps them sharp too. Gertie @ Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing did some research and found out some really cool facts about the tomato pincushion's history.

In my frustration, and after finding out that it's better to just stick to the tomato, I had to come up with something that would allow me to keep it, and get it to stay put. I found these super cute jar ideas, (don't forget, you're not limited to ball jars...check this IKEA jar, a baby food jar, or just use a sauce jar!) and took it a step backward. I just hot glued the tomato on top of the jar! I wanted the jar to be useful for storage, but not for something I need all the time (it would get really annoying really quickly having to take that top off). So I added weight and used it as storage for buttons! I also snipped the strawberry's string and glued it directly onto the tomato. That way it would be a one hand job, instead of two handed. I added a ribbon, and done. Love, love, love my new (old) tomato pincushion!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My First Tee Shirt Recon...

I've been thinking about doing a tee shirt reconstruction for a long time now, and today I finally got around to it, and it only took 5 hours! I used my super cool Portlandchucks tee shirt. I searched around looking for something that would work for me, but everything was skimpy and just not for me. If I never see another shredded t-shirt or Adam Saaks, it'll be too soon. I'm a full size woman and need the right shape, the right sleeve, and the right fit, so I had to come up with something on my own. I started with some ideas from Guaya's recon, then edited and altered. I really wish I had taken photos of the process, but of course- as usual, I was so caught up in the work I forgot!

Basically I turned a huge boxy tee shirt into an empire waisted one. A few pleats, some reconstruction of the sleeves (they were so long I had to refashion them), a new neck line, and about 6 inches off the bottom and voila!

PS By removing the sleeve and reattaching them upside down, gives you a super cute flutter sleeve! Didn't keep them because the empire waist with the flutter sleeve just didn't look good. Can't wait for the next one....can anyone say SI*SE!?

Great way to take your prized band tee shirt and make it fashionable :o)



Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Wanted to try something new for the girls, so why not sorbet!? I pureed some honey dew in the food processor, added some sugar, squeezed some lemon in, and a little water. Froze it for 1/3, then stirred it up, and froze for an hour. Served in the cored melon. Oh and I added a bit of ginger...amazing!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Homemade Breadcrumbs!

Oh man, I love breaded things! lol I mentioned wanting to make homemade breadcrumbs, and Brian went to the beach with it! Thankfully! He makes some great crumbs (and I'm not talking about the ones all over the counter every morning!) He toasted a couple of slices of whole wheat bread, then put it in the food processor, added some seasoning (insert your favorites here). And voila! Crusted chicken breast grilled in EVOO.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Parents vs Irresponsible Dog Owners...

I had a very disturbing experience this weekend with a dog owner at Sauvie Island's Walton Beach. I saw the dog owner walk onto the beach with a big dog and noticed she had little control over the dog, which ALWAYS makes me worry when my little one is around. As she got closer I saw that it was a Pit Bull. I'm not afraid of Pit Bulls (everyone knows Pit Bulls need the right kind of owner- dedicated and super hard working to keep up with such an active dog. I don't think anyone would be afraid of Cesar Milan's Pit Bulls! Who didn't love Daddy! lol), I'm afraid of any dog not properly trained or that the owner clearly has no control over,no matter the breed.

So this is what happened. She walks onto the beach and the dog is pulling her around. The woman clearly had no control over the dog. The woman decides to set up camp about 30 feet from where my 2 year old daughter was playing in the shore. I could hear the woman pleading with the dog to get it's ball. I mean, if you have to beg your dog to get it's ball, you've got some things to worry about. So I glanced over at the dog and the poor thing was shivering with her ears down. As I looked at her, children near by shouted, and the dog looked in their direction franticly. And everyone knows a scared dog, is a dangerous dog. The woman, tired of the dog not heeding her command, says "Dumb dog" then proceeds to pick up the ball and throw it in the water.

By this point I was fuming. I couldn't contain myself and had to say something. I was worried about my daughter. I'm sorry, but there were MANY dogs on the beach that day, and not one of them looked the way this dog did. The other dogs were playing and relaxed- this dog was not. So I turn to look at the owner and she quickly says, "Is there a problem". Clearly she knew there was one, and I take it by her defensive attitude she assumed I was a Pit Bull Hater or something. I said "It just looks like your dog isn't having a good time." And she defensively says, "Have you ever owned a dog before?! What does a dog that's not having a good time look like?! Um, if she wasn't having a good time she'd be growling." Ok, so this is were I want to have an all out argument with this crazy lady, but I didn't. She raised her voice for the people nearby to hear, and I'm thinking she wanted to be a "Pit Bull Activist" which is why she was so defensive, but you can't just rescue or adopt one and not know how to handle the dog. And what's even funnier is her response..."if she wasn't having a good time she'd be growling" UM EXCUSE ME, but if a dog was not happy they would not be growling! If it was aggressive it would be growling!

Once I saw where this crazy lady was heading with her irrational argument and complete defensiveness, I dismissed her with an "OK", turned my back on her, hovered over my daughter as she ran back and forth in the shore, and gave the woman some time before I would have moved us elsewhere. It took about 8 minutes of her throwing the ball into the river for the dog to retrieve (which by the way, was the only way for her to get the dog to do what she wanted it to do- entice it with throwing the ball!) before she picked up and walked farther down the beach.

So my question to you do you feel about dogs in play areas??? Parks too! And how would you handle it!? I just have to say, I'm not afraid of dogs attacking my daughter, it's as simple as a dog to just go speeding into my little one and hurting her.

Saturday, April 30, 2011



Photos to come! When pull myself away from the machine!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Only in PDX...

While on the MAX the other day, a chick asked to borrow my cell phone to make a call.

And when I first moved to PDX, a man harassed a woman for a bite of her slice of pizza- "just one bite"

Only in PDX

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Grilling Has Commenced!

Our old grill was on it's last legs, so we finally purchased a new one. And boy am I happy as hell! I love my new grill; so pretty, and new, and shiny. We use our grill at least 3 times a week, so not having one was the pits! I found this one for a great price and am very happy!

Ain't She Sexy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ooh It's the L-I-Y-A-H...

Riding home on the MAX today, this group of kids (maybe 17 years old) get on blasting Aaliyah on their phone (with NO EARBUDS!). The girl playing the tunes says "She died, her name is Aaliyah..A-A-liyah" She spells it out for her friends. The guy in the group says "Isn't she the one from the movie Queen of The Damned?", and the girl blasting the music says, "No, that was someone else." These youngans don't know a thing about MY music.

Aaliyah is greatly missed.

Big Girl Car Seat!

We finally did it...we've moved to a forward facing car seat. I am proud to say Brianlily was in a rear-facing seat until she was 2 years old. The great debate was really between the Graco Nautilus Elite and the Britax Frontier 85. The only difference between the Elite and orginal Nautilus is the adjustable head rest, but the damn thing didn't work! It's the first of it's kind, and it's a great feature, but it just really has to be imporved. It was hard deciding on the right car seat, but in the end we went with the Britax Frontier 85. The Britax has a max weight of 120lbs, compared to the 100lbs of the Graco. Plus, I found that with her infant Graco Safe Seat, the harness ran a little small. It was just too snug, and I worried that the Nautilus would be no different. The reviews for the Graco Nautilus weren't too great, but the Britax has consistanly great reviews. The thing I'm most proud of is paying $100 less than the actual price! We sold our infant car seat for $60, and purchased our new one during the BabiesRus Great Trade-In Event and saved 25%! We traded in the stroller attachment for the infant seat. It worked out wonderfully!

Britax Frontier 85 Wins!

P.S. As an emotionally attached mother (and by this I mean I get so emotional when I have to let go of ANYTHING of Brianlily's), I had a hard time seeing her infant seat go, especially since it was her first stroller...but she's a big girl now! Thank you for all your hard work and for taking care of my baby Graco!

Coming Home From The Hospital

Monday, March 14, 2011

Really...A Hair Clip???

I purchased an orchid from Ikea, for my spanish instructor as a thank you gift. I know that sounds strange, but she was cooking us a feast for an end of term celebration. What's funny is the way Ikea keeps them upright...with hair accessories! LOL I would have thought a small stake and some string or something of that nature. But no, they chose a tiny claw clip! Funny and clever!

P.S. I told a couple of people that I was going to be purchasing the plant for my instructor, and one classmate said she wanted to be a part of it and split the cost. I agreed. The day of the celebration I came in with the orchid, and the classmate told me she didn't have the cash, but promised to have it the following class. Since she said she would have it, I took it that she still wanted to be a part of the gift, so when I presented the gift to our instructor I said it was from the both of us. The following class came, but the classmate was nowhere to be found. No phone call, no text, no email. I'm pretty pissed about it. Not because of the money, because I had intended to do it with no help from anyone in class. It's about the lack of principle. She just wanted to be a part of the great gesture, and backed out when it came time to give me a lousy $6!? Now here is where I stomp my feet like a child and yell, "IT WAS MY IDEA AND YOU JUST WANTED TO RIDE ON MY COAT TAILS!" There. I said it and I feel so much better. Sucka!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Put a Bird On It...

Yes I'm talking about Portlandia AGAIN! LOL It's hilariously funny and sooooo right on!

Tuality Hospital/8th Avenue MAX Station

Fuller Road MAX Station

Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Post Is Dedicated to Lucidendings...

Blessing to you...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arroz Con Pollo Recipe...

I HATE GETTING RECIPES TOGETHER! I just don't cook with's so hard figuring it all out...but in the promised, I present to you a RECIPE, AND A VIDEO "HOW TO"! hahahahaha The video is just for my geekness. Please keep in mind; Latino food is super forgiving; it doesn't take French culinary precision! It's pretty much suited for your own likes and dislikes. Add spices you prefer, add olives, pimento, ham, hard salami...the possibilies are endless. The best way to finish off this dish is with AVOCADO! And us younger generation loooove it with KETCHUP! lol Just don't let any vieja's find out!

Arroz Con Pollo a La Lucena-Matos

1/2 Boiled Chicken- Keep Broth (skinned, and boned if you prefer)
16 oz. Chicken broth (be sure to skim excess fat from broth before using)
3 cups Rice (brown or white, your preference)
2 tbs Adobo (amount is your preference)
1/4 tps Oregano (amount is your preference)
2 Sazon Packets (amount is your preference)
4 cubes Sofrito (amount is your preference) *HOMEMADE RECIPE TO COME!
1/4 cup Tomato Sauce
3 tbs Olive Oil

Cook chicken, set aside. In pot (rice will be cooked in this pot, so make sure it's big enough for chicken and rice to be added) heat olive oil. Then add tomato sauce, sofrito (if frozen, wait until defrosted before adding dry ingredients), dry ingredients, and simmer for 2-5 minutes on med/high heat. Add rice, stir, and then add chicken and broth. You may add water if not enough broth. Use your spoon to feel for the surface of rice beneath water. Water should be about 1/2 deep for white rice, and 3/4 for brown rice. But again, this depends on your preference. Turn up heat to high, and simmer until water is almost completely evaporated. Turn heat down to low, stir, cover. Cook on low for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, check rice by folding from inside out. This brings any uncooked rice to the center, while bringing cooked rice from the bottom of pot to the top. Re-cover and cook until done- 5-10 mintues. Remember, brown rice has a longer cook time. PS This recipe is pretty big...latinos always cook for leftovers and an army! lol So trim as you like.


Monday, February 21, 2011

My Amazing Toddler!

My little girl is so amazing! She's singing, talking up a storm, counting, and pretty much telling us who's the boss. She's definitely going through the terrible two's, and I guess we couldn't expect anything less than perfection...I mean, she IS great at everything she does, so why would the terrible two's be any different. She's just really good at it!

Hippe Town USA- Portlandia...

Yes I've been watching Portlandia on IFC and it's HILARIOUSLY FUNNY (so happy IFC is picking up a second season..woo hoo.)! Not to mention, sooooo dead on! I HAVE to take pictures of all the birds here..."Put A Bird On It" is no joke in PDX!

But this post is about something else. A whole lotta hippies goin on here and it totally rubs off on us less hippyish types. So here's proof that I live in Portland and have hippie tendencies...

1. I am reusing my daughter's (who, buy the way is two years old and has not drank formula in over a year) formula holder for my home made trail mix.

2. I reuse pasta jars or any kind of jars for my lunch- yogurt & yummy wheat germ :o)

3. I reuse pasta jars or any kind of jars for my to go beverages.

I'll fill you in if I start reusing bread bags for sandwiches. Don't laugh. There was a guy in one of my classes who was eating his trail mix from a reused Dave's Killer Bread bag. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Dave's Killer Bread, but not sure about reusing the bag. Just make your own bread dude.

Next assignment...bread making 101.

Peace, Love, & Light from PDX

Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Night Stand...

the excitement

the sheer euphoria of gluttony

the sun sets, the moon rises

as the night turns black

the repenting begins

vows to never fall again


self loathing

the sun rises, the moon sets

there is light

and with the new day comes forgetfulness

of the night before, and we begin again

*what the hell is it about food that makes me feel like I've just had a one night stand*

Thursday, February 17, 2011


PHONE OFF! Yo, seriously what the hell is wrong with people today and their stupid ass phones!? I mean seriously, listening to the latest rap song (while singing the horrendous lyrics!) on your phone WITHOUT headphones (not that that matters, because even when they do use them I CAN STILL HEAR THAT A MILE AWAY!) is not cute. Not to mention the fact that you look stupid sitting there with this tiny little thing up to your's not like the 80's when the originators lugged around whole boom boxes! It's also HELLA disrespectful to everyone else that is FORCED to listen to it! It just makes me so angry! All it does is show all of us how ignorant you are, and how little social skills you possess!


Arroz Marrones Con Pollo!?

I can still hear my mother's voice when I told her for the first time that I make arroz con pollo with brown rice...there was silence (all I heard were coqui's)! "You make arroz con pollo with BROWN RICE?!", "Yes Ma." Even when she came to visit she didn't let me use brown rice! She went to the supermarket and bought a huge bag of white rice...just for her cooking.

I hate writing recipes, but I'll get around to this one because it's just too damn good!

Recipe to follow this weekend, so check back!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby's 2nd Birthday Cake!

Finally getting around to this post. For baby's 2nd birthday I wanted to make it special. Now that she's older, and has a pretty good idea that birthday's are loads of fun from reading birthday books, it just made sense to make a big deal over it! lol I wanted her cake to be larger than life for her, something she could enjoy taking apart! So I decided to make it myself...a big...fondant covered...monsterpiece! Well, not actually a monster, but a pretty princess looking cake. I've never made homemade cake before, let alone fondant! I found this Wilton recipe for marshmallow fondant and added almond extract. It seemed pretty easy after reading it, but once I was actually doing it, it got sticky (in every sense of the word!). In the end, the fondant worked- or at least did what I wanted it to do. It was a little too stiff and I didn't roll it out thin enough, but what the hell! It tasted great! The cake was this one from Martha (probably should have used this simpler one), and the frosting I chose was this Hershey one (I added almond extract...hands down best frosting ever!). Hershey Especially Dark Chocolate Cocoa is what I used for the cake as well as the frosting. I guess I wasn't thinking, because I didn't make the frosting layer thick enough, so it was mostly cake and fondant! What a debacle! It was tough, but worth every bit! Brianlily loved it, and I felt so accomplished (not to be confused with "I'll do this again next year").

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Battlestar Galactica...

I've been going through withdrawls recently. I mean, I was years late in begining to watch, but when I did finally come through (thanks to my apple tv and netflix) I dedicated hours and hours to watching every single epsiode of every single season. So when I began to get the icky feeling inside about a week ago, I realized it was postpartum depression of the worst kind- the BSG kind. I've just been searching the net trying to quench my thirst, really hoping I don't start watching all over again (because that's actually what I really want to do). I came across this blog post and had a warm fuzzy moment. Plus all the obsessing over Starbuck and Katee Sackhoff. I swear I'm Starbuck. Like Katee is actually from my neck of the woods, and after visiting her blog found out that we both wanted to be marine biologists as children! lol Little obsessed. It's all good.

[EDIT] Great Portlandia Depiction Of How It All Began...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I can't believe it! I did it! I found out about her performance the day before the show! As much as I had going on this Saturday, I still made it! My first ever symphony and Ms. Joan Rivers! God I love her! What an amazing night of firsts for me! There was a pair of chatty Cathy's sitting next to me, but quickly got shushed by a women behind them! lol Then right in the middle of the theme from The Pink Panther, there's an all out brawl that began and ended with some guy screaming "HE ASSAULTED MY BOYFRIEND!" hahahaha Intense and insane! Joan brought out all "the gays", as she and my other love Ms. Kathy Griffin would say it, so there must have been lots of boy trouble that night! lol I just cannot believe she's 70-freaking-8! The woman was non-stop, back & forth, and even threw herself on the stage floor (and got back up all on her own! lol). I love her vulgarity! She told most of us to "get the fuck out" a few times! hahahahhaaha The conductor was TO DIE FOR!! Gerald Steichen! He was amazing! So lively and hilarious! I just always thought of conductors as old, serious, mean, men. Again, this was my first ever symphony (or orchestra for that matter!) and I know nothing about music, but I was moved and had such a blast with his line up: Overture to Gypsy, Holiday for Strings, March Past of the Kitchen Utensils, Mission Theme for NBC, The Pink Panther, The Producers, The Stripper. The shows theme was a walk through Joan's life as told through music. It was fabulous!

Sooooo excited to have been a part of such an amazing one night only event! Ballet & Opera here I come!!!