Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arroz Con Pollo Recipe...

I HATE GETTING RECIPES TOGETHER! I just don't cook with's so hard figuring it all out...but in the promised, I present to you a RECIPE, AND A VIDEO "HOW TO"! hahahahaha The video is just for my geekness. Please keep in mind; Latino food is super forgiving; it doesn't take French culinary precision! It's pretty much suited for your own likes and dislikes. Add spices you prefer, add olives, pimento, ham, hard salami...the possibilies are endless. The best way to finish off this dish is with AVOCADO! And us younger generation loooove it with KETCHUP! lol Just don't let any vieja's find out!

Arroz Con Pollo a La Lucena-Matos

1/2 Boiled Chicken- Keep Broth (skinned, and boned if you prefer)
16 oz. Chicken broth (be sure to skim excess fat from broth before using)
3 cups Rice (brown or white, your preference)
2 tbs Adobo (amount is your preference)
1/4 tps Oregano (amount is your preference)
2 Sazon Packets (amount is your preference)
4 cubes Sofrito (amount is your preference) *HOMEMADE RECIPE TO COME!
1/4 cup Tomato Sauce
3 tbs Olive Oil

Cook chicken, set aside. In pot (rice will be cooked in this pot, so make sure it's big enough for chicken and rice to be added) heat olive oil. Then add tomato sauce, sofrito (if frozen, wait until defrosted before adding dry ingredients), dry ingredients, and simmer for 2-5 minutes on med/high heat. Add rice, stir, and then add chicken and broth. You may add water if not enough broth. Use your spoon to feel for the surface of rice beneath water. Water should be about 1/2 deep for white rice, and 3/4 for brown rice. But again, this depends on your preference. Turn up heat to high, and simmer until water is almost completely evaporated. Turn heat down to low, stir, cover. Cook on low for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, check rice by folding from inside out. This brings any uncooked rice to the center, while bringing cooked rice from the bottom of pot to the top. Re-cover and cook until done- 5-10 mintues. Remember, brown rice has a longer cook time. PS This recipe is pretty big...latinos always cook for leftovers and an army! lol So trim as you like.



hungrysmurf said...

Thanks for the recipe! I love the video, especially the part where a whole bunch of chicken plops in when it seemed like you were going to gently sprinkle the pieces in! Looks so good!

NAMOWENO said...

phahahahaha! i knowww!! i hated that, but i was filming with one hand, and cooking with the other! lolol it was sooo hard to do it nice and easy! lol