Monday, February 21, 2011

Hippe Town USA- Portlandia...

Yes I've been watching Portlandia on IFC and it's HILARIOUSLY FUNNY (so happy IFC is picking up a second season..woo hoo.)! Not to mention, sooooo dead on! I HAVE to take pictures of all the birds here..."Put A Bird On It" is no joke in PDX!

But this post is about something else. A whole lotta hippies goin on here and it totally rubs off on us less hippyish types. So here's proof that I live in Portland and have hippie tendencies...

1. I am reusing my daughter's (who, buy the way is two years old and has not drank formula in over a year) formula holder for my home made trail mix.

2. I reuse pasta jars or any kind of jars for my lunch- yogurt & yummy wheat germ :o)

3. I reuse pasta jars or any kind of jars for my to go beverages.

I'll fill you in if I start reusing bread bags for sandwiches. Don't laugh. There was a guy in one of my classes who was eating his trail mix from a reused Dave's Killer Bread bag. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Dave's Killer Bread, but not sure about reusing the bag. Just make your own bread dude.

Next assignment...bread making 101.

Peace, Love, & Light from PDX

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