Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby's 2nd Birthday Cake!

Finally getting around to this post. For baby's 2nd birthday I wanted to make it special. Now that she's older, and has a pretty good idea that birthday's are loads of fun from reading birthday books, it just made sense to make a big deal over it! lol I wanted her cake to be larger than life for her, something she could enjoy taking apart! So I decided to make it myself...a big...fondant covered...monsterpiece! Well, not actually a monster, but a pretty princess looking cake. I've never made homemade cake before, let alone fondant! I found this Wilton recipe for marshmallow fondant and added almond extract. It seemed pretty easy after reading it, but once I was actually doing it, it got sticky (in every sense of the word!). In the end, the fondant worked- or at least did what I wanted it to do. It was a little too stiff and I didn't roll it out thin enough, but what the hell! It tasted great! The cake was this one from Martha (probably should have used this simpler one), and the frosting I chose was this Hershey one (I added almond extract...hands down best frosting ever!). Hershey Especially Dark Chocolate Cocoa is what I used for the cake as well as the frosting. I guess I wasn't thinking, because I didn't make the frosting layer thick enough, so it was mostly cake and fondant! What a debacle! It was tough, but worth every bit! Brianlily loved it, and I felt so accomplished (not to be confused with "I'll do this again next year").


lishapisa said...

HOW SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
looks really yummy.would like a slice of that with my coffee later. hope little princess had fun ( she look very serious)
lots of love ***

NAMOWENO said...

lol yes we had a blast! we went bowling! lol a toddler bowling! hahahhaha she loved it...still asks for a birthday cake and candles though...i guess once a year just isn't enough!


NAMOWENO said...

lol i just looked at the photos again...she's serious because she's blowing out her candles...she's concentrating! hahahahhaha

hungrysmurf said...

What a beautiful angel! And what about that cake?Fondant???? you are one brave chica!

NAMOWENO said...

Thank you! Yea, I know, Crazy! But I so wanted to try making fondant...and make her birthday super special since she now knows what a cake is! lol