Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I can't believe it! I did it! I found out about her performance the day before the show! As much as I had going on this Saturday, I still made it! My first ever symphony and Ms. Joan Rivers! God I love her! What an amazing night of firsts for me! There was a pair of chatty Cathy's sitting next to me, but quickly got shushed by a women behind them! lol Then right in the middle of the theme from The Pink Panther, there's an all out brawl that began and ended with some guy screaming "HE ASSAULTED MY BOYFRIEND!" hahahaha Intense and insane! Joan brought out all "the gays", as she and my other love Ms. Kathy Griffin would say it, so there must have been lots of boy trouble that night! lol I just cannot believe she's 70-freaking-8! The woman was non-stop, back & forth, and even threw herself on the stage floor (and got back up all on her own! lol). I love her vulgarity! She told most of us to "get the fuck out" a few times! hahahahhaaha The conductor was TO DIE FOR!! Gerald Steichen! He was amazing! So lively and hilarious! I just always thought of conductors as old, serious, mean, men. Again, this was my first ever symphony (or orchestra for that matter!) and I know nothing about music, but I was moved and had such a blast with his line up: Overture to Gypsy, Holiday for Strings, March Past of the Kitchen Utensils, Mission Theme for NBC, The Pink Panther, The Producers, The Stripper. The shows theme was a walk through Joan's life as told through music. It was fabulous!

Sooooo excited to have been a part of such an amazing one night only event! Ballet & Opera here I come!!!