Sunday, May 16, 2010


We've been here almost a year, and we just went to VOODOO DONUT yesterday for the first time. The line was to the end of the block at 1pm, we decided to pass and try again later, came back at 5pm and it was still the same! Unbelieveable! We waited the second time around, and had the VOODOO expirence. I'm not a big donut fan, so it just tasted like any donut, but it's all about the experience.

Excuse the cam-cording...Brian has yet to figure out how to successfully use a video camera!


hungrysmurf said...

I love doughnuts but usually the plain ones like glazed, sugared or cinnamon. I saw Voodoo on Anthony Bourdain's show and of course he had the bacon doughnut. Long before bacon became the trendy ingredient today...bacon desserts, bacon ice cream..yikes!
I know that Molly and her friends at day care LOVE doughnut holes. That's the preferred birthday treat! I asked the ladies what I should bring on her birthday and they all said in unison, "doughnut holes!" I said,
"I was thinking of baking cup....." They all shook their heads in unison. So Molly and her friends will have doughnut holes for her birthday!

NAMOWENO said...

I so take notes from the guys at the Travel Channel! Brian HAD to have the Maple Bacon donut. I tried it. It wasn't as bad as it sounds. It just tasted like breakfast! lol Pancakes & Bacon.

That is sooo funny! I can't believe cup cakes are out of style! Shoot...I still looooove making cup cakes! Duly noted...cup cakes out, doughnut holes in! lol It's cute though, their small and perfect for little kiddies! hehehehehe