Thursday, May 27, 2010

The SEX in Sex and the City...

I was never a fan of the show, so watching the movie never interested me. Yes they're fabulous, but I just could never get into the show. Tonight while flipping the channels, I found the movie playing on HBO. It was the scene where Big is leaving Carrie at the alter. I was shocked; I had no idea he'd stoop so low. So I kept watching, and my favorite part was just thereafter. It was just when Charlotte and Miranda are getting Carrie into a car to get away, and Big doubles back. Carrie hops out of the car, pummels Big with her bouquet, and as he walks toward her Charlotte lets out the fiercest "NO!" to him. It was the best thing I've seen in a long time. I really felt like that would be me. The sheer protectiveness and anger! Charlotte was an animal for one second, and not the tender little OCD kitten.

On a whole other note...what the hell was up with the sex scenes??? Did I become the biggest prude or were they wayyyyy to vulgar!? Are they for real with this shit? Then they showed a real penis! I couldn't take it. It just made it seem like they needed to make the movie over the top risque because the movie itself wasn't so great. It totally cheapened it for me.

So yea...I'm super late, seeing as the sequel was just released, but whatever.


hungrysmurf said...

I thought the show went on 2 seasons too long. The stories were getting tired and the fashion seemed really forced. Those anecdotal one liners were getting really corny and I totally lost interest. I never saw any of the movie nor really care to. But I can see how you can get sucked into it. My friend who is a huge fan of the show and movie hated the new movie. Said it was a bunch of old bitches doing the same drag queen routine only not as good.

NAMOWENO said...

sucked in you said it! it's totally campy and over the top, and yes everyone knows it and still have to see it! lol. i guess the way the world is...all reality shows and sooo serious with so much going on i can see how we're dying for some outrageous crap! lol

btw...i do want to see it! hahahahahahaha