Saturday, May 1, 2010


My poor little honey is teething so bad for the past week. It's gotten so bad for the past few nights, that she's actually waking up screaming! Brianlily is the best sleeper in the world, besides me of course. But in the past few nights she's been waking up in the middle of her usual 10 hour doze fests to scream her head off. I hate it. I just tell myself that I had to do the same thing. I don't give her meds for it, I just think they should be left for fevers. She's done amazing with frozen foods like melon, grapes, and applesauce. It's just hard to do that when she's basically asleep and crying. I used to use Boiron Camilia when she was much younger, and still do when it's bad like it's been lately. I just think it's a lot better than pumping her with Tylenol or Motrin. Chamomile tea helps too. There are lots of people that use Humphreys, and Hyland's but I take one look at the word Belladonna and freak. All I think about is the scene in Practical Magic when Gillian tells Sally "the belladonna's in my bag" ~ damn I love that movie! It's scary...even if I thought it would be my daughter's name when I was much younger! I wouldn't use Orajel either. It doesn't last long, and the thought of numbing my baby's mouth is crazy. So we just give her frozen foods, distract her, and give her lots of hugs & kisses! My trooper is super tough!

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