Monday, April 5, 2010


Why does Brianlily smell like syrup all day after eating pancakes??? After one hundred hand washings, and a night time bath, her hands still smell like syrup!


I know...

It's because she's scrumptiously sweet!!


hungrysmurf said...

i cant wait to taste i mean meet her!! Molly tastes like sweet tofu dessert! I wish we were in the same city

namoweno said...

hahahahahahahahahha! awwww your little tofu!!!

meeeee toooooooo! it would be sooo nice to have family with little ones near! does john's family have little ones???

hungrysmurf said...

No, its just his dad and brother here, which is wonderful but no babies.

namoweno said...

what were we thinking having babies without babies around!!! lol :o(

yea...really wish i was closerrrrr

is it crazy for me to feel really out of "what the hell do i have in common with portland moms?" im like the black haired, puerto rican, ghetto nyc chick. lol. really, i feel like i have a hard time finding friends for baby girl because of how i feel. tough. im hoping when i start working, and taking some classes things will change, but it's been almost a year here. i keep telling myself it's because it was "rainy season" and we couldn't get out, so the season is changing and somethings gotta happen.

one day we'll be in cali...not sure when, or how close...but one day!