Friday, April 23, 2010

Project Runway 7...

I just have to say that I am over the moon that Seth Aaron won! Cheers to him!!

But I really want to share how much I cannot, cannot stand Emilo Sosa! What an arrogant, pompous, sore loser! The whole season he was so full of himself because he kept winning challenges. His attitude made him and his designs shitty! Then to top is off, tonights recap with the whole cast proved what and ASSHOLE he is! He went so low and basically stomped his feet and had a tantrum about why he didn't win....SO LOW CLASS!! Who the hell does that! Kudos to Tim Gunn for putting Emilio in his place!! And am I the only one who thinks he stole Seth Aaron's idea with the branding!!!!!!!!!!! SA was doing that from the beginning of the show, he always added his initials to his clothes. Then they work together on a challenge, and all of a sudden ES gets this great idea to use his initials! GOD!

And what the hell was up with Jay!? I really liked him, but his comment to Cerri was insane!!! "Hello, my name is Bitter!"


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