Friday, December 11, 2009

New Toy!

It's always so hard finding something for Brianlily. She's almost 11 months and starting to walk, so sitting down and playing isn't number one on her list. I found a few things on Craigslist for her a couple of months back. They turned out great! $35 for 4 toys that equal over $100! A little bleach and soap and they were good as new! I wish I would have thought of it before I spent $45
on a shopping cart push toy for her from Babiesrus. I love them all, but what else could I get her now that she has a walker, activity table, and a few table top toys? BLOCKS! I love building blocks, but just didn't find what I wanted. While I was at Target yesterday I took a walk through the toy section and found them! Perfect building blocks for her! They're rubbery and squishy. They squeak, have adorable raised animal designs, are the coolest colors, have numbers 1-10 on one side and shapes to count. I love love love'll just take her the usual 2 weeks before she warms up to them.

They're "Parents Counting Pal Soft Blocks" and they also have a bigger set with arches that looks like TONS of fun (Parents ABC Architect Blocks)!

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