Monday, December 28, 2009

Loud Toys - solved!

I purchased a few toys on Craigslist again for Brianlily this Christmas, and noticed a few of them had a piece of packaging tape across the speaker. I thought "huh, clever way of making sure gook doesn't get in there" I could keep food and whatever other crap my daughter might get in there out. Then I got it! It wasn't to keep it clean, it was to keep it QUITE!!! hahahahahaha. Wonderful! Most toys don't have a volume control and even if they do it just isn't enough. Her new Elmo (which I LOVE) was much too loud, so I gave it a try...and it worked perfectly!!!

By the way...this Elmo (Fisher Price Elmo's Greatest Hits @ Walmart) is adorable! He's small enough for her to carry around the house and this short tunes are fun! And I can't forget how much fun we have with his little microphone!!!

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