Saturday, December 19, 2009

Busy season....

With no money, I've managed a few treats for us. We thought we couldn't have a tree because Brianlily would rip it down, and decided we could do without the added financial cost....BUT I needed one! For me AND my baby! It's her first Christmas and I wanted her to have a tree. I went through hell and high water and found the perfect fit for us. After searching high and low (my dumb ass didn't buy it at Rite Aid when it was in stock) and found something at Home Depot! I always love real trees, but this would be better because of the baby. It was the display! The last one! And I got 10% off! Yippeeeeee!!! Again I wasted my chance at purchasing our lights and decorations at Dollar Tree (perrrrfect place for that stuff) and ended up getting pricey stuff at Target. All in all the trees total cost was about $30! I don't has a tree!

Now for her gifts. I have been searching Craigslist with no luck. I did however pick up a few things from Target and books from Dollar Tree. I like to buy a few classics (they're too expensive at almost $10 each) and buy a bunch from the Tree!

We're visiting Santa tomorrow! I can't wait! Her dress is from Oldnavy and her shoes from Payless! LOVE it!

I'll post photos soon...I'm zonked!!!

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