Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Puerto Rican Holiday...

Alright people! I seriously think I will be making traditional Puerto Rican holiday dishes this year. It's really for no one other than us, but I really feel like I need to pass on our traditions to Brianlily as soon as possible! I want her to watch and help make it all the way I've done with my grandmother.

I'm talking about some serious hard work- Pasteles (scroll down to read about Puerto Rico)! And of course some Alcapurrias! Now all I have to do is find all the ingredients here in West Bubba! I really want to make it happen though. I called family members to get family recipes, I have my grocery list, now all I need is to begin my scavenger hunt!

I will be sure to keep any Puerto Ricans in the state posted by updating this! lol I swear I'm the only Puerto Rican in Portland!!!

I Wish I Knew About These!!

Not sure how I landed on this website, but I found Czelablue and I wish I would have known about them when I gave birth! This would have made a world of difference. Before I left the hospital, I made sure to get a bunch of those mesh not-really-underware-but-so-comfortable things that were supplied. The site says that some woman continue to wear them long after they heal. Pretty interesting, considering I still have super sensitivity at my scar. I should try these!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Adorable Turkey Headdress...Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to make every holiday fun for the girls, so I look for crafts all the time, but finding things that are suitable for a toddler is tough. I found a few headdresses, but nothing that I loved. So I tweaked the mainstream and came up with this!

I used fall colored construction paper, glue, eyes, a roll of brown packaging paper, masking tape (the best kids craft tool EVERR), toddler hand prints, and scissors.

Trace and cut out hand prints in different colors. Measure a 5 inch head band of packaging paper around little ones head. Cut out a large tear drop shape for turkey head, a red waddle, and triangle beak. Secure head band to work surface with masking tape, then have your toddlers glue away! Let dry, and use a little masking tape to secure the head band together.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Term @ PSU...

I cannot believe my first term is coming to an end already! I only enrolled for 6 credits (the minimum to receive FAFSA). I'm really happy about the way my schedule turned out for me. It was a nice and easy way to get back into school after being out for about 4 years. Plus, this time around I have a toddler and my own business to take care of! I'm still pretty new, and don't have all the complaints that most of the people I speak to have about PSU (financial aid & horrible administration), but I do have one huge one...they do not take care of working professionals. Seriously, how can you consider a 4:00pm class evening!? Most people don't get out of work until 5 or 6pm, and still have to travel to class. At BMCC I was taking classes that started at 7 or 8pm! I have had a rude awakening. It's made it really tough and super stressful trying to work around my schedule and Brian's. How much is his job going to allow? He's going to have to change his schedule every term! OMG I don't even want to think about it...because you DO know I'm going to be in school for a few years yet! So that's my biggest concern right now, but other than that it's been amazing! I feel like an adult again, like I'm using my brain for something other than cooking, cleaning, baby-caring, chores, bills...endless. Plus, I've actually made friends! lol I can't believe it. I've been having trouble with getting out there and meeting people, and I guess college turned out to be the best place! Very happy about that. All in all, I'm super happy and proud of myself, and proud of the roll model I'm going to be for my daughter!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Phaedra, Phaedra, Phaedra!

Ugh, what a horrible person that woman is!

I'm a bit in love with the BRAVO lineup, and of course The Real Housewives of...is high on my list. But this season on Atlanta, I can seriously do without that Ghetto-Ass-Shallow-Ass-Gross-Looking-Phaedra Parks! Seriously, has anyone told her she's wack? She has no emotional connection with the child that grows inside her; all she cares about is whether or not she looks good- and honey YOU DON'T! I saw the episode where she gives birth and she actually said "GROSS" when they showed her her son for the first time! I don't even understand how her husband is with her. She insults him all the time, and when he tried to talk to her about how they would raise their child, she just let her projectish self shine! Apollo had the right idea about not hitting his child, and she brought up the fact that he grew up in a white home. What the hell! That man needs to run from that woman...and fast! I just can't stand the sight of her and whenever she's on I just flip the channel...I hope she's out for next season.

H&M Opening Day...

It was pretty crazy! I didn't shop opening day, but I was in the neighborhood. I stopped in the day after and it was still a mad house. Welcome to Portland! Picked up a cute Winter coat for baby, and a few other things, but the tuxedo shirt I want for her won't be in for a while! Ugh!

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Amazing Toddler!

It's almost that time again...when my little honey is another year older. In just a few months she'll be 2! I cannot cannot believe it. When I think of where she was a year ago, and where she is now I'm thrilled, proud, and super exhausted! lol My big girl is talking up a storm and so amazing us every single day with her intelligence!

Cheers to my perfect little daughter!

Brianlily :o)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

H&M Countdown...11/11/10

As I mentioned back in August, the Grand Opening of H&M in Downtown Portland, Oregon is almost here!!!

November 11, 2010

Check out store details here!

Trolls and those of the same likeness...

I need to do a little venting about Internet Trolls and all the other people that use internet anonymity as shield for their cowardliness! If you're going to call someone out, then have the gall and the spine to state your name! Seriously, all these people want to do it start a fight and walk away. I visited a blog that I follow on Facebook, and decided to comment on a post. I, of course, use my name and attach my blog to my post; I'm not here to start petty online arguments, so why hide? I ended up feeling completely attacked, and wanted to fight back but to what end? The low lives that pick fights have all the time in the world and all the anonymity in the world to pick at a fight until you're throwing your laptop at the wall with frustration. So, I walked away. It was my first time posting on that blog and it will be my last. Fighting forums...that's my new name for places like that. They are places were people that have nothing better to do than pick fights for a thrill. I have much better things to do with my time than play into it.