Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Term @ PSU...

I cannot believe my first term is coming to an end already! I only enrolled for 6 credits (the minimum to receive FAFSA). I'm really happy about the way my schedule turned out for me. It was a nice and easy way to get back into school after being out for about 4 years. Plus, this time around I have a toddler and my own business to take care of! I'm still pretty new, and don't have all the complaints that most of the people I speak to have about PSU (financial aid & horrible administration), but I do have one huge one...they do not take care of working professionals. Seriously, how can you consider a 4:00pm class evening!? Most people don't get out of work until 5 or 6pm, and still have to travel to class. At BMCC I was taking classes that started at 7 or 8pm! I have had a rude awakening. It's made it really tough and super stressful trying to work around my schedule and Brian's. How much is his job going to allow? He's going to have to change his schedule every term! OMG I don't even want to think about it...because you DO know I'm going to be in school for a few years yet! So that's my biggest concern right now, but other than that it's been amazing! I feel like an adult again, like I'm using my brain for something other than cooking, cleaning, baby-caring, chores, bills...endless. Plus, I've actually made friends! lol I can't believe it. I've been having trouble with getting out there and meeting people, and I guess college turned out to be the best place! Very happy about that. All in all, I'm super happy and proud of myself, and proud of the roll model I'm going to be for my daughter!

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