Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Adorable Turkey Headdress...Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to make every holiday fun for the girls, so I look for crafts all the time, but finding things that are suitable for a toddler is tough. I found a few headdresses, but nothing that I loved. So I tweaked the mainstream and came up with this!

I used fall colored construction paper, glue, eyes, a roll of brown packaging paper, masking tape (the best kids craft tool EVERR), toddler hand prints, and scissors.

Trace and cut out hand prints in different colors. Measure a 5 inch head band of packaging paper around little ones head. Cut out a large tear drop shape for turkey head, a red waddle, and triangle beak. Secure head band to work surface with masking tape, then have your toddlers glue away! Let dry, and use a little masking tape to secure the head band together.


hungrysmurf said...

So cute! Always looking for non toxic activities. They always try to taste everything! Let me tell you those cooking toys are coming in handy! She brings her elmo table and her pots and pans. I give her dry pasta and beans and she pretends to cook letting me cook dinner! Thanks again!!!

NAMOWENO said...

Oh no! I just always assume things for kids are non-toxic! Have you almost bought something then double checked and found it to be toxic? I do a lot with the girls, but it's crayons, pipe cleaners, kids markers, kids glue, and paper. I'll go check my supplies though.

I'm so happy Molly is enjoying them! hahahahaha If I gave Brianlily pasta and beans she'd eat it all! lololol We did make macaroni necklaces...but I was there to block the attempted goals! lololol