Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Brianlily and I are sick as dogs right now. My throat, head, and body feel like hell. I can't swallow without wincing. Before I got sick, Brianlily had been suffereing from what I thought was sniffles. Now that it's hit me, I know that my poor honey has been suffering from things that I couldn't see! How am I supposed to know she has body pain, or a headache, or a sore throat! It's miserable! I cannot wait until she can tell me what's wrong! We tried honey and lemon juice for the first time. Since she's now going to be 14 months, and with a sore throat like mine it was perfect timing. A few hours later she broke out in HIVES! I've never seen hives before, and was so freaked out. Needless to say I called her dr.'s office and they assured me that she would be ok. They said they didn't think it was the honey or lemon, but more likely the virus that she has. What ever the reason, I want her to be well NOW! Poor baby. There's something insanely heartbreaking seeing your child, especially little and helpless, going through pain and suffereing and not able to make it better. It makes me INSANE! Well, she's on Motrin now, and sleeping...I hope tomorrow it better. This is day number 4 or being sick for her, and day 2 for me.

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