Friday, March 5, 2010

Cannon Beach & The Oregon Coast Aquarium...

We did it! We took a trip to the coast and it was beautiful! The most picturesque scenery ever! The cliffs, the misty waves, the TREES! The trees were insane! They were coated in moss and so lush and dense. I guess that's what happens when it rains for 6 months. My goal was Cannon Beach. How could I pass up the chance to visit a GOONIES location. I MEAN, I AM A GOONIE AND ALL! It was perfect. You have to keep in mind, West coast beaches are NOTHING like back East. They seem soooo much bigger and scary! It was the day after the big earthquake in Chile and all the talk of tsunami's made visiting the coast creepy, but we did it anyway. It was a cloudy chilly day, but Brianlily soaked it all up! She had so much fun running along the beach and totally wanted to get in the water! It was pretty spectacular. The town of Cannon Beach is super small but totally quant and touristy. I can't wait to go back in the summer and check the creatures that live around Haystack Rock. Here are more shots from our trip.

Next was the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We drove 3 hours from Cannon Beach, down the Newport. That night we stayed at La Quinta. I needed something last minute and this was the only hotel reasonably priced and available. It was pretty on the outside, but old and shabby on the inside. The indoor pool was open all night, which on first thought was super cool, until we realized that was the sex spot for the late night freaks!!! lol We enjoyed a dip with the baby after we checked in and that was the end of the pool for us! Then we spend $50 on crap food from a place the front desk recommended!

The next morning we headed to the Aquarium, which was right behind the hotel. It seemed small at first, and the moment we started our tour through the aquarium we realized it WAS SUPER SMALL!!! The only aquarium in Oregon, hella far from home, and it was such a let down. I guess having visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium doesn't help matters, it IS only one of the top 5 in the country. It was really horrible. Just a few tanks in I think 3 little buildings. The grand finale was supposed to be the Passages of the Deep. It's where the sharks are housed, and where you'd sleep if you Sleep with the Sharks. Side note; I spent a Night at the Museum at the Museum of Natural History in New York City and it was one of the most memorable expierences of my life. I thought I would be doing the same at the aquarium, but after seeing what a mess it was, it is out of the question. My biggest isssue was the state of the tanks. You would think the tank would look like a natural habitat, you would think. There was only one in the Passages of the Deep that looked good and it was the first one, then it all went away. The next was a room filled with water, and a bunch of sharks looking soooo sad. I saw walls PEOPLE! There was nothing, just water and fish. I really hope they were just renovating. Oh and did I mention it was overpriced! Thank God we were still able to get really amazing photos of our baby's first trip to an aquarium. Check'em out at Facebook!

In the end, we had a great time seeing Oregon's Coast. It was Brianlily's first night in a hotel (which was a mess in of itself; thank God mommy brought outlet covers!), I can say I've been to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and I'm now and OFFICIAL GOONIE!!! Yea Baby!!

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