Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hamantash, Hamentasch, Homentash, Homentasch, Humentash...

However you spell it, however you say it, it's all the same yummy goodness! I'm representing the Jewish Princess inside me!

I went to the farmer's market today and found some Italian Prunes and had to have them. In an instant I knew what I wanted to make...Humentashen!

This is the recipe I used for the filing.

Here is the recipe I used for the cookie.

I tweaked them a little. For the filing I added some blueberries (just because I picked them up today as well), and added corn starch to make it really thick. Then for the cookie dough I used half Crisco and half bacon grease! lol I guess they're not Kosher!

They're delishious and I totally had a nice flashback to my childhood...Lower East Side Manhattan with my mother and grandmother enjoying amazing Jewish snacks! YUMMY!


lishapisa said...

Lol !! Love this post
MMMM fresh blueberries ...bacon grease !! it's soooo not kosher!
so how do i say it ...Haimentash...

NAMOWENO said...

hahhahahaa I'm glad you like it! I was told that they were better than any purchased in a Jewish Bakery!! I sooo have to make them for you!!! We always called them HUmentash.