Friday, February 19, 2010

Diaper Review

I am guilty of purchasing Pampers brand Swaddlers and Swaddlers Sensitive diapers for the first 6 months. I loooooved them. I tried Huggies, but they were too stiff and hard. I tried Luvs, but they were crappy. Pampers brand is amazing; super soft and fit well. Once we moved to Portland, and were living on one small income, paying $40 for a box of diapers was out of the question. I decided to look into store brands, and started with Safeway Mom to Mom brand. They were horrible. The shape was ridiculous. They were square, which meant my daughter walked around with a huge bulge between her legs. On a trip to Target I saw that they have their own brand Up & Up. The polka dot pattern was cute (wish they made pink and yellow for girls!) and they were cheap so I gave them a try. I loved them! They're great great great! The shape is close to Pampers brand, and they are not stiff. I have been using them now for 6 months and am doing wonderfully. I even got my sister in NYC (who gave birth to my nephew 5 days after I gave birth to my daughter!) to switch from Pampers! She's also tried the Babiesrus brand, and didn't like them because she had to re-adjust the tabs all of the time. I just couldn't believe how much money I spent on diapers before Up & Up. I've done a little research online, and have found some mothers complaining of rash with Up & Up, or most not even mentioning them and talking more about CVS and Rite Aid brand diapers. So I checked out their sites for cost comparison and Up & Up are by far the better value!

Here's the break down for a size 4 (example):

Pampers Cruisers 46ct $17.49 shown here that's over 38 cents per diaper
Pampers Dry 52ct $17.49 shown here that's over 33 cents per diaper
Babiesrus Supreme 46ct $10.99 shown here that's over 23 cents per diaper
Rite Aid 34ct $9.99 shown here that's over 29 cents per diaper
Huggies 46ct $17.79 shown here that's over 38 cents per diaper
Mom to Mom 64ct $15.99 shown here that's over 24 cents per diaper
Mom to Mom 52ct $10.99 shown here that's over 21 cents per diaper
Target 82ct $14.99 in storeshown here that's over 18 cents per diaper

Please keep in mind, just about every brand has a regular diaper and sometimes a supreme or "better" quality diaper. I included a few, but not all. I tried to find packages that were about the same size too.

In the end Target brand Up & Up totally wins! By the way...they make just about everything else too. I've purchased their version of Oil of Olay facial moisturizer, Johnson & Johnson baby lotion and body wash, and Head & Shoulders shampoo, and they're all great! Shopping on a budget is totally just takes some time and research!

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