Sunday, January 1, 2012

Decoupage Power Wheels???

Yup. I frackin decoupaged Brianlily's Power Wheels! I went with the blue Hot Wheels Power Wheels because my other choice was pink Barbie. She's a girl. I know that, she knows that, but she doesn't need a pink car because of it, and don't even get me started on Barbie. But I didn't want flames on it either. So what am I supposed to do? Oh's Mod Podge time (also found out the inventor used it on her VW Beetle in the 60's!)! Really simple and didn't have to ruin the car. The front window had Hot Wheels written across it, so I just cut that part off, then used anything else that didn't have flames. Then I printed out some color images of one of her favorite characters (Olivia. Man who doesn't love that piglet?), and decoupaged them onto the car. I also added some polka dots because I thought it would look cool on the VW Beetle. A racing number, and I was done. Came out adorable! Brianlily loves it, and it's a one of a kind.

Can anyone say Oliviaaaaaaaaaaa!?

P.S. So decoupage crazy these love with these shoes from Corinne @ Craftovision!

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