Saturday, August 21, 2010

Estate Sales!!!!

I needed some good cookware, especially since I have a few new mouths to feed! :o) I looked around for some Pyrex Bakeware, and it was just too spendy for me. So I did what I always do...headed straight to Craigslist! lol And it worked! I found this amazing guy selling all kinds of amazing things. He buys from estate sales for dirt cheap, then sells them himself! His collection was insanely wonderful! I just wish he had cutlery, knives, and electroics (like the KitchenAid mixer I'm dying to own!) He said his family always gets the good knives! They wipe him out when they come to visit! Lucky them! I was lucky though, he had an Oster blender with a glass jar in great shape...and it was only 5 bucks! AMAZING!

So here's my loot...and it was only $53 for everything! I cannot cannot wait to go back!


lishapisa said...

Awesome Fine!!!
lately Geoff and i was talking about how Pyrex is one of the best and better for baking/cooking.And that we need one soon for his delicious Shepard's Pie....mmm
lol it maybe his excuse until we get one lol
Check out Annie's Roast Pork!
Love you Miss you!

NAMOWENO said...

shepherds pie kicks ass! i bet he can make a mean one!