Saturday, June 19, 2010


I started smoking in 7th grade (12-13 years old), and I smoked pretty steadily through life. I considered myself a chain smoker. I smoked more than any of my smoking friends, and even more when I drank alcohol. I quit a couple of times, but it never worked. My smoking career was over like it never happened the second I saw my EPT pregnancy test read POSITIVE! In that instant it was over and I haven't smoked since, nor do I care to.

Just a little intro before I complain about something that I may even have been guilty of...

Those damn smokers that hold the next cigarette in their hands before they can smoke it! OMG I hate it! Not only is it ghetto, it's so insane to think you need it so bad that you have to have the damn thing in your hand ready to fire! Now, like I said, I may be guilty of doing this when I was a smoker...but I don't remember. I see it everyday. A person on the train, holding a damn cigarette in their hand! Sometimes they even have the lighter too!

Put the cigarette away! It's ok, once you get outside you can pull out the pack and take one out and everything will be just fine!

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