Thursday, January 28, 2010


I had yet to visit towns to our west like Beaverton & Tigard, but I did it! Just so happens there's a huge mall in Tigard, the Washington Square Mall. Wowza! Such a beautiful, big mall. I had to change a size on a gift for baby (her first birthday gift from her titi's & cousin) and that was the only Baby Gap that had it in stock! Lucky for me, because now I know about this great mall! Loads of shops, even a Striderite! Plus a cute little play area for super little ones (under 36 inches I think) Brianlily had a blast! I do know that the next time we're there I'll most likely get into with someone at the play area...there were wayyyy too many kids over the height restriction that were playing much to rough to be around our little ones! I wanted to kick some kid ASS! We'll see what happens next time, for now I love the place and can't wait to go back for some Striderites for honey!

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