Sunday, September 4, 2011

My First Tee Shirt Recon...

I've been thinking about doing a tee shirt reconstruction for a long time now, and today I finally got around to it, and it only took 5 hours! I used my super cool Portlandchucks tee shirt. I searched around looking for something that would work for me, but everything was skimpy and just not for me. If I never see another shredded t-shirt or Adam Saaks, it'll be too soon. I'm a full size woman and need the right shape, the right sleeve, and the right fit, so I had to come up with something on my own. I started with some ideas from Guaya's recon, then edited and altered. I really wish I had taken photos of the process, but of course- as usual, I was so caught up in the work I forgot!

Basically I turned a huge boxy tee shirt into an empire waisted one. A few pleats, some reconstruction of the sleeves (they were so long I had to refashion them), a new neck line, and about 6 inches off the bottom and voila!

PS By removing the sleeve and reattaching them upside down, gives you a super cute flutter sleeve! Didn't keep them because the empire waist with the flutter sleeve just didn't look good. Can't wait for the next one....can anyone say SI*SE!?

Great way to take your prized band tee shirt and make it fashionable :o)